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Pill Name: Suboxone
Strength: 8 mg / 2 mg
Pill Imprint: N8
Color: Orange
Shape: Six-sided
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What Is Suboxone?

Buy Suboxone 2mg online. Suboxone is a brand-name prescription drug that is used to treat dependence on opioids. It contains two drugs: naloxone and buprenorphine. It has been shown to reduce opioid misuse. As a Schedule III prescription drug, it has an accepted medical use, though it has the potential to be abused. Buprenorphine is an opioid partial agonist-antagonist. Effectively, this means that while it has similar effects as opioids, it also blocks other opioid effects. It works by reducing cravings and relieving withdrawal symptoms. Naloxone is included in order to prevent abuse of Suboxone. As an opioid antagonist, it blocks the effects of opioids.

How do I take buprenorphine/naloxone?

Take buprenorphine/naloxone by mouth and dissolve it under your tongue. This medicine may take 15 to 30 minutes to dissolve. It’s important to dissolve this medicine under your tongue as it won’t work if you swallow it. After you take the medicine, wait at least 30 minutes before you eat or drink.

When should I take buprenorphine/naloxone at home?

Take this medicine only when you’re in moderate to severe withdrawal. This is the point when you feel like you want to use opioids to prevent more withdrawal symptoms.

It’s important that you feel really sick before you take your first dose of buprenorphine/naloxone. If you take it before you feel really sick, it can make your symptoms much worse.

To find out if you are ready, rate how you feel right now for each of the symptoms below on a scale from 0 to 4.

0 = not at all

1 = a little

2 = moderately

3 = quite a bit

4 = extremely

Add your numbers together, and if your total score is 17 or higher, you should be ready to start the medicine. If your score is less than 17, you may need to wait longer to start. The longer you can wait before starting, the better you’ll feel afterwards.


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